How can PlanWell help me manage my projects better?

An Online Planroom such as PlanWell Enterprise offers a variety of features that may or may not suit all of your particular project management needs. However, there are so many features built into PlanWell, there are at least a few extremely useful ones in it for everyone. If you are a project manager needing to distribute either digital content or printed plans and specs, PlanWell is the perfect solution for any project that is going out to bid or even already in the construction phase.

Some key features:

  • Web based ordering
  • View plans online
  • Access the "Most Recent Set" in one click
  • Maintain and organize past issues of plans
  • Planholders list tracks plan recipients and their orders
  • Invite recipients to bid your project with built in Invitation to Bid module - Bidcaster
  • Instant Download feature provides you with tracking features that an ftp site cannot.
  • Maintains a project's complete document history - one that can be saved to CD/DVD at the end of the project and handed over to an owner as a value added service.

The control PlanWell provides to a project manager is simply amazing. The ability for all team members to have access online to the current state of project documents increases communication and decreases the potential for cost overruns.

To learn more about PlanWell, please continue to browse our site or give us a call so we answer any questions you may have.