Digital Document Management Services

The International Reprographic Association (IRgA) has defined digital services for the reprographics industry as:

"The creation, preparation, manipulation and management of all digital files - both black & white and color - created for the purpose of conveying information for electronic distribution, print output or archival purposes."

That’s a mouthful, but essentially correct. As technological advances have rapidly changed our industry from a blueprint world to a digital world, we have had to keep pace with these changes. Added expertise is required to handle the complexity of various digital files, methods of submission, and project-critical content.

As a reprographer, we are often a project’s central digital hub. This requires us to be diligent in checking for missing fonts and graphics, software limitations, corrupt files, missing files, file conversion problems, and other unexpected digital anomalies. The IRgA estimates that 50-70% of jobs submitted in a digital format are incomplete. Communication is therefore essential to the success of each project. This takes a team of highly trained and experienced professionals that are flexible and relentlessly committed to service. We define ourselves by this commitment.

Key Tools or Services we offer:

  • Planwell Enterprise
  • AmeReBID - Online invitation to Bid System, combined with ordering application which automates transmittal generation.
  • Scanning and Archival Services
  • FTP Hosting

Examples of Digital Document Management Services we provide:

  • Receive digital files for drawings and specs from multiple sources via a variety of electronic means including e-mail, websites, and ftp as we  as hard copies.
  • Process PLT, PDF, or DWF files.
  • Convert files to other file formats.
  • Reduce and /or enlarge drawings - often to scale.
  • Manage and archive these drawings and specs on our server.
  • Set up files for proper order, alignment, rotation, pen settings, fonts, etc...
  • Check drawing order against index for missing drawings or other anomalies.
  • Conform revised drawings into current set in order to maintain a current set of drawings.
  • Maintain and provide client a list of currently archived projects.
  • Organize custom breakouts of projects.
  • Place files online for viewing and ordering.

Examples of Digital Services that might incur a charge:

  • Scanning (Large Format, Small Format, Black & White and Color)
  • Renaming files
  • Data Entry
  • Burn CD or DVD
  • Conforming drawings (revision handling)
  • Rotating Drawings
  • Processing PLT, PDF, or DWF's
  • File Transfer - by email
  • File Transfer - uploading to or downloading from FTP site
  • File Transfer - retrieving files from websites
  • File Transfer - retrieving files from third party applications
  • File conversion or creation - (PDF's)
  • FTP site - hosting and maintaining
  • Digital minimum charge
  • Online Planroom hosting, uploading, setup, and maintenance
  • Rush charge
  • PDF Bookmarking
  • Scale change
  • Archived project retrieval
  • Design and Layout