Touchless Flatbed Scanner

Scan 42″x 60″x 5″

Fine Art: Flat, Textured, or Framed

Delicate Documents / Prints / Posters


HD Apeiron/42

Touchless Flatbed Scanning of Fine Art and Delicate Originals, Large or Small

The Apeiron/42 is the largest flatbed scanner of its kind. It digitally captures delicate, flat, or textured originals with unprecedented accuracy, allowing us to provide the highest quality scanning solution available to the market today.

The Apeiron/42 uses unparalleled, contact-free, flatbed, scanning technology to accurately digitize large or small originals. It leads the market with its ability to provide the most realistic image quality using full light control paired with an array of six cameras and a noiseless tracking bed. The configurations of its lamps and cameras allow for a combination of diffuse and raking lighting yielding stunning results and can emphasize or de-emphasize textured surfaces. The lamps/cameras configuration also allows us to scan originals even framed behind glass or acrylic, saving time and expense and eliminates unnecessary handling of the artwork.

This uniquely designed flatbed scanning solution is a huge benefit in supporting the needs of museums, galleries, artists, archivists, government institutions, material manufacturers, architects, and others who need faithful capturing of their large or small format originals. This scanner changes what you thought was possible.

Contact Free-Scanning

Preserve art masterpieces using contact-free scanning with extremely accurate color matching.

3D Effect

Emphasize the unique texture of originals with adjustable lighting and 3D effect.

Preserve and Protect

Digitize for the future with light control and no UV/IR radiation.

Feature Highlights

Specification Highlights

  • Suitable for Fine art, artwork, artifacts, posters and prints, building materials, textiles, delicate documents

  • Contact-free face up scanning

  • Scan size maximum of 42 x 60 in x 5 in thick.

  • Maximum focus plane above table of 5.1 in with a maximum clearance height of 10 in

  • Maximum focus depth of +/- 300 dpi

  • Maximum weight on scanner table of up to 44 lbs evenly distributed

  • Scan speed up to 2.75 ips with 3D effect, raised and/or uneven surfaces

  • Scan speed up to 6 ips for thin and flat originals, up to 5.5 ips for raised and/or uneven surfaces

  • Optical resolution of 1200 dpi with a maximum of 9600 dpi, interpolated

  • Scanning accuracy within 0.1% +/- pixel

  • Support for color spaces such as Adobe RGB, Device RGB, RAW RGB, sRGB

  • ICC Color Management profile powered by X-Rite

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