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Digital Transformation from Paper into Searchable Digital Files and Images

Scanning in Color and Black & White

Our high-speed Scanning Services can transform your paper documents into easy to access digital files. Whether it’s drawings, specs, technical documents, manuals, photos, or artwork, we have the technology and expertise to unlock the potentials of your documents with our cloud-based digital file storage solutions.


Make the transition from Paper to Digital Documents while helping the environment. Our Digital Scanning Services covers both small and large format document scanning. Large format scans of drawings, either individually named drawings or multi-page pdf files allows for easy retrieval based on your archival needs. Small format scans with the option of OCR, (optimal character recognition), gives you the power of keyword content searchability. Our cloud storage management service that houses your digital files makes it easier for you to access your documents securely, anywhere and on any device. Your files available online makes searching for those project documents from last year or from 20 years ago just a few keystrokes away and REPRINTS are just as easy as sending an email request or online order. A Digital Archive will save you time, reduce your need for physical storage office space, and in the end, will save you money.


Get started and increase team collaboration with digital scanning

Our digital scanning service covers all paper sizes up to 42″ high by any length. Learn more how we can help your business free up storage space and allow your team faster collaboration on projects by providing you on-demand searchable documents accessible anywhere, anytime and with any device. Reprints on-demand with fast delivery turnaround is just a phone call, email or online order away.

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