What is a Coroplast board?

Coroplast, also known as corrugated plastic, is a brand name for a type of twin-wall plastic sheeting made from polypropylene. Coroplast boards are characterized by a corrugated (fluted) layer between two smooth plastic sheets. This design provides a combination of strength and lightweight properties, making it a versatile material for various applications.

Coroplast is widely available in different thicknesses and colors to meet various requirements. It is an affordable and practical choice for temporary or short-term applications where a lightweight, yet sturdy material is needed.

Here are some of the key characteristics and uses of Coroplast board:

Coroplast is known for being lightweight yet durable. The corrugated design adds rigidity to the sheet, making it suitable for various applications where a lightweight material with structural integrity is needed.

Coroplast is resistant to water, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It doesn’t absorb moisture and is less prone to warping or damage from exposure to the elements.

Coroplast boards are easy to cut, shape, and score, allowing for customization to specific sizes and shapes. They can be easily manipulated using standard cutting tools.

The smooth surface of Coroplast makes it suitable for printing graphics and text. It is commonly used for signs, displays, and other promotional materials. Common printing methods include screen printing, digital printing, and vinyl graphics application.

Coroplast is used in a wide range of applications, including outdoor signage, real estate signs, election campaign signs, temporary displays, packaging, and more.

Coroplast is recyclable, which adds to its appeal for those looking for environmentally friendly materials.

The air pockets formed by the corrugated structure provide some insulating properties, making Coroplast suitable for certain applications where insulation is a consideration.